New Majilis opens its first session

20 января 2012, 10:30
Majilis. Daniyal Okassov ©
Majilis. Daniyal Okassov ©
The first session of the newly-formed Majilis (lower chamber) has opened in Astana presided over by President Nazarbayev, reports.

The majilismen are expected to form the governing bodies of the chamber and take a motion of no/confidence in the current Government.

The early Majilis elections were held January 15. The new 107-member Majilis comprises of three parties – Nur Otan political party, Ak Zhol and Communist People’s Party. 98 majilismen were elected based on party slates, with the other 9 appointed by the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan (advisory body answerable to President).

Nur Otan holds 83 mandates, with Ak Zhol holding 8 and the Communist People’s Party the other 7. Among the majilismen representing Nur Otan party there is President Nazarbayev’s eldest daughter Dariga, governor of Akmolinsk oblast Sergey Dyachenko and governor of West Kazakhstan oblast Baktykozha Izmukhambetov.

The PM Massimov is to raise the question of confidence in the Government before the new Majilis. In case of vote of confidence the Government will keep on working, unless otherwise decided by the President.

The Speaker and his vices as well as heads of committees will be also elected at the first sitting.

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