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Nazarbayev dreams of a domed city for 10-15 thousand people

03 января 2013, 15:11
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev shared the plans of construction of facilities for the EXPO-2017 exhibition, Tengrinews.kz reports.

During a meeting with representatives of Kazakhstan's leading TV channels the President said that EXPO-2017 pavilions would be built in such a way that would make them useful after the exhibition. "It will possibly be a pavilion with walls made of multi-storey residential buildings. The exhibition will be held inside under a big dome and the housing will be left after the exhibition is over," Nazarbayev said.

"I dream of constructing a domed town. Maybe we will implement this project for the EXPO. There will be a town under a dome, where people can live in comfortable conditions in summer and in winter. Imaging a dome of 200 meters in diameter. There will be everything in this (central) circle: schools, hospitals, theaters, shops, beauty parlors, houses, restaurants, cafes. No cars will be allowed under the dome: the only way to move around will be along water channels. Children will be able to walk to school at -30 degrees Centigrade (outside the dome temperature) without their coats on. Other (domed) "circles" will be beaded around the central circle and in the end we can get a (domed) city for 10-15 thousand people. By the way, Khan Shatyr is close to this concept, this is its first stage," President said.

According to Nazarbayev, the EXPO-2017 will be beneficial for Kazakhstan and will propel Kazakhstan people forward, because the country will be visited by representatives of over 100 countries. "Being the hosts, we have to show our achievements: construction of solar modules, wind power stations, use of mountain rivers power. We already have some experience in the use of underground energy. This is a promising technology as the closer to the center of the Earth, the hotter it gets. Have you ever been to a 1km deep pit? I have. The temperature is always at 45 degrees Centigrade there. This difference of the temperatures on the surface of the Earth and in the subsoil can be used to generate energy. East-Kazakhstan University has designed a special unit for that. Karaganda also has some experience in use of (underground energy)," Nazarbayev added.

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