Multi-national Kazakhstan to be a role model for Israel police

09 мая 2011, 13:52
Former vice-mayor of Tel-Aviv who is currently managing Israel-Kazakhstan chamber of commerce Michael Roe gave an unusual lecture to Tel-Aviv police officers, izrus reports.

In his lecture Roe said that many ethnic groups and religions peacefully live in Kazakhstan. And said that actions of the country's authorities is a model for them to follow.

“Why Kazakhstan? Half of its population are ethnic Kazakhs, the rest are Russians and tens of other ethnic groups. 70 percent of population are Muslims, the rest are Orthodox Christians and other religions. There are practically no religious or ethnic conflicts over there. The authorities stick to a very tolerant position and try to neutralize any problems occuring in this area and nobody pressurizing any groups or religions. I was impressed. I think our police officers could adopt such an approach and understanding of the situation in the city with a large Muslim community,” said former vice-mayor.

Roe is planning to give a few more lectures to Israeli police.

In March Roe was arrested in Tel-Aviv during a right wing demonstration. He was trying to calm down local Arab community. However, he was arrested deemed to “fan the flame” ethnic conflicts.

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