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Kyrgyzstan threatens to ban import of Kazakhstan-made goods

30 октября 2012, 12:10
Customs post at the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. ©tengrinews.kz
Customs post at the border of Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. ©tengrinews.kz
Kyrgyzstan mulls introducing a ban on import of animal products from Kazakhstan, because there are 6 hotbeds of aftosa and splentic fever in Kazakhstan’s near-border regions, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the press-service of Kyrgyzstan Ministry of Economic Development.

“There are all grounds for introduction of the protective measures on import of confectionery, limiting quotas for import of alcohol goods and restrictions in issuing licenses for import of tobacco from Kazakhstan,” the press-service writes.

Kyrgyzstan officials complain that the country, being a rightful member of the WTO, supported Kazakhstan’s accession into the World Trade Organization. Kyrgyzstan did not set any conditions for the neighboring country. “The process of Kazakhstan’s accession is not completed and we have a certain opportunity to raise the issues in the negotiations on Kazakhstan's joining the WTO. But such actions would have contravene with the Eternal Friendship Treaty between Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan and would not comply with the spirit of good neighborhood relations in the foreign policies between the countries and mutual agreements under the EurAsEC and CIS. On our part, we expect that our colleagues from Kazakhstan will stick to the same policy towards Kyrgyzstan,” the officials say.

Kyrgyz officials also accuse Kazakhstan of delaying Kyrgyzstan’s joining to the technical regulations of the Customs Union. Russia and Belarus have already performed all the in-country procedures ensuring Kyrgyzstan’s joining the CU technical regulations. “Kazakhstan has been unreasonably delaying ratification of the Agreement between CU countries on elimination of technical barriers in mutual trade with CIS member-states that are not members of the Customs Union and thus, blocking Kyrgyzstan from joining this agreement,” the press-service writes.

On October 3 Kazakhstan introduced a ban on import of dairy products from Kyrgyzstan. “The restrictions were introduced in relation to Kyrgyzstan veterinary service’s failure to submit full information for an objective evaluation of the current epizootic situation that would certify to the aftosa safety of the territory of Kyrgyz processing companies,” Kazakhstan Agriculture Ministry states.

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