Kazakhstan will not give up Boeing 787 Dreamliner

17 января 2013, 19:14
Kazakhstan is not planning to give up Boeing 787 Dreamliner aircrafts despite of suspension of their use in the U.S. and Japan after several incidents, Tengrinews.kz reports.

According to the press-service of Air Astana, the contract on procurement of the aircrafts remains in effect and there are no plans to terminate it. The company is going to buy three Boeing 787 Dreamliners by 2017.

"There is a standard procedure of putting a plane into operation. Of course, the constructors cannot foresee all the details when designing a plane. Dreamliners are a new generation aircrafts, they are made of composite materials. I think that these problems will be eliminated by 2017. The equipment is being improved: the design is changing, as well as the conditions. Especially since the U.S. only stopped using these aircrafts until the reasons of the incidents are cleared up. This is a normal practice," deputy chairman of the Civil Aviation Commission Serik Mukhtybayev said.

Japan's two biggest airlines had already taken almost half the global fleet out of service, but the decision by the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) means 30 of the world's 50 Dreamliners have now been grounded. ANA -- the world's first carrier to receive the Dreamliner from Boeing after years of delays -- said smoke possibly stemming from a faulty battery forced pilots to land the passenger plane in Takamatsu, southwestern Japan. The airline said cockpit instruments had detected the smoke inside a forward electrical compartment, and Japanese Transport Minister Akihiro Ota called it a "serious incident that could have led to a serious accident."

United Airlines, the world's biggest airline and currently the only US airline operating the 787, with six Dreamliners in service, said it would "immediately comply" with the FAA directive and redirect customers.

By Linda Buran

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