Kazakhstan spends $20 million on statistics

13 июля 2012, 11:59
The World Bank will provide $20 million for improvement of Kazakhstan’s statistics, Tengrinews.kz reports citing chairman of Kazakhstan Statistics Agency Alikhan Smailov as saying at the seminar on enhancement of the national statistics system.

“We have reached several agreements. The loan agreement was signed last August and ratified by our Parliament last December. The total cost of the project is $22 million. The project is implemented by the World Bank. The World Bank has a special program on enhancement of the national statistics systems,” Smailov said.

According to the project’s financial consultant, $20 million of the total cost are allocated by the World Bank and the remaining $2.8 million will come from Kazakhstan.

According to Smailov, the project is called to improve the quality of the national statistics and bring it into accordance with the international standards. It will involve introduction of latest international standards, improvement of statistics methods, implementation of new information-communication technologies, attraction of consultants from foreign statistics offices and training of experts both abroad and in Kazakhstan.

“Introduction and implementation of this project will help bring the improvement of satisfaction of consumers of the information with the statistics to 80 percent. It will also decrease the load on respondents by 40 percent,” chairman of the Statistics Agency said.

The innovations will also include implementation of advanced information-communication technologies and improvement of the Agency’s infrastructure and its regional divisions. “In particular, we will implement paperless registration of prices by means of portable computers. This systems have been used in developed countries for a long time,” Smailov said. He also added that improvement of Kazakhstan statistics system KAZSTAT would include introduction of new standards in the national accounting system. A Call-Center would also be created to make part of the interviews by phone.

By Aidana Ussupova

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