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Kazakhstan residents polled about organizers of terrorist attacks

23 ноября 2011, 12:28
Accident site in taraz. Photo courtesy of tengrinews.kz
Accident site in taraz. Photo courtesy of tengrinews.kz
23.9 percent of Kazakhstan residents out of 2,294 respondents blame the Soldiers of Khalifat, Taliban and other foreign extremist groups for the recent terrorist attacks in the country. Almost the same number of respondents (23.1 percent) think that the attacks were organized by local Kazakhstan extremists. The Institute of Political Solutions (IPS) unveiled the results of the opinion survery Social mood in major cities of Kazakhstan at the press-conference called Fall 2011. Expecting elections. Growth of protests. Concerns over terrorist attacks. in Almaty.

According to IPS in all the previous polls Kazakhstan residents viewed terorism threat only as something ensueing from outside and cause by external forces and factors. However, in the latest poll they said that there is an internal source that is “sometimes hidden and sometimes evident”. Besides local extremist groups, Kazakhstan residents see opposition political forces of Kazakhstan (3.2 percent) and conflicts of competing elite groups of the country (4.6 percent) as threats, too.

10.3 percent of respondents think that foreign countries are the ones to be blamed for aggravation of the religious situation in Kazakhstan. 9.1 percent said that organized criminal groups are involved, 5.4 percent spoke of global extremist network Al-Qaeda. 0.9 percent are blaming political migration.

The poll held before Taraz attack in 16 cities and oblast centers of Kazakhstan (the poll was held on November 9-13) had already shown that 58.1 percent of respondents are concerned over repetition of the attacks. The fears of the majority have panned out. Regionally-wise, the most concerns were raised by the residents of Almaty (68.7 percent) and western region (65.5 percent). Residents of the northern areas had the least concerns over terrorist attacks (43.5 percent), IPS Director on Development of Organizational Projects Yerlan Smailov said.

Attack on policemen in Almaty, terrorist attacks in Atyrau and Taraz have aggravated the security concerns. Almost one half (46.5 percent) of respondents feel that their personal and family security is threated. 27.5 percent are not sure that the government will protect them if need arrises. 46.2 percent are partially sure and 14.5 percent of respondents fully trust the government to protect them.

As for the emotional condition of Kazakhstan residents, 36.4 percent believe in bright future. 35.2 percent of respondents said their mood is unstable and changing. 17.4 percent of respondents are calm, while anxiety is noticed in 6.2 percent of residents. 2.5 percent show discontent and aggression. Despite of the latest events and concerns, Kazakhstan residents are generally emotionally stable, IPS experts state.

By Zhuldyz Seisenbekova

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