Kazakhstan reiterates its intention to access the WTO late 2012

27 октября 2011, 13:03
Zhanar Aitzhanova. By Yaroslav Radlovsky ©
Zhanar Aitzhanova. By Yaroslav Radlovsky ©
Kazakhstan still believes to complete negotiations on accession into the WTO before the end of next year, Novosti Kazakhstan reports, citing Kazakhstan’s Minister for Economic Integration Zhanar Aitzhanova.

“We strive to complete the negotiations before the end of next year not to lag behind Russia. It is important to harmonize conditions of accession with those for Russia. This means on a number of issues of trade policy Kazkahstan and Russia will have unified conditions of WTO membership”, Ms. Aitzhanova said when speaking before the country’s Majilis (lower chamber) October 26.

Early this year the Kazkahstan’s Government announced that soonest accession into the WTO is one of its priorities for 2011.

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