Kazakhstan recommended Russia and Belarus to ban fuel export till the year end

01 июля 2011, 15:46
Photo courtesy of mk.ru
Photo courtesy of mk.ru
In relation to extension of the fuel export ban to the end of 2011, Kazakhstan recommended other CU (Customs Union) countries, Russia and Belarus, to take similar measures, KazTAG reports citing Kazakhstan Government's decree published in the official media.

“According to Article 9 of the Treaty on Unified Non-Tariff Regulatory Measures in Relation to Third Countries dated January 25, 2008 and Article 8 of the Treaty on the Terms of Implementation and Application of Measures that Involve Foreign Trade at the Common Customs Territory in Relation to Third Countries dated June 9, 2009 and to avoide critical deficiency and price rise at the local market of oil products, Kazakhstan Government hereby decrees to ban export of light distillates, kerosene, gas oil, except for special benzenes and domestic furnace oil for the period of six months,” the document states.

Kazakhstan Minister of Economic Development and Trade will have to inform CU member-countries and the Secretariat of the CU Commission on the introduction of the ban and “call the CU Commission to consider implementation of the measures stated in Clause 1 of the decree by other CU member-countries.”

The decree shall come into effect on July 1, 2011. These measures are taken to avoid deficiency of oil products in the local market, provide diesel for harvesting campaign and are also related to suspension of Pavlodar-based oil refinery for repairs.

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