Kazakhstan calls for peaceful negotiations in Ukraine

05 марта 2014, 21:25
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. Photo © Marat Abilov
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan. Photo © Marat Abilov
Kazakhstan urges Ukraine and Russia to solve the conflict through negotiations and not through a military intervention, Tengrinews reports citing Zhanbolat Usenov of the Ministry of Foreing Affairs of Kazakhstan.

Usenov talked about Kazakhstan’s concern over the stability in the region and the situation in Urkaine at the meeting of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “Kazakhstan expresses deep concerns in relation to the situation in Urkaine. Further escalation of tension may lead to unpredictable consequences both in the region and internationally. Kazakhstan calls the parties involved to abandon attempts of military settlement of the situations and to maximise the political effort to resolve the issue through negotiations. The decision must be based on the fundamental principles of International laws, ” Usenov said.

The Ministry of Foreign Affair advises to take a balanced and responsible approach to solving the conflict and abstain from aggravating the complex situation in Ukraine. “Kazakhstan expresses hope for early stabilization of the situation, possibility of a peaceful dialogue between all the political parties and restoration of the law and order,” Usenov added.

President Nazarbayev earlier spoke about the impact of the situation in Ukraine on the Customs Union.

While the media has been stirred up possibilities of a new cold war between Russia and the United States, Americans suspended military cooperation with Russia due to its military intervention in Ukraine.

By Asemgul Khasenova

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