Kazakhstan Foreign Minister comments Strategy-2050

18 декабря 2012, 14:45
Kazakhstan President Nursultan Nazarbayev’s farsighted vision reflected in the country’s new program Kazakhstan-2050 Strategy will be very interesting for other countries, Interfax-Kazakhstan reported citing Kazakhstan Foreign Minister Yerlan Idrissov.

“My assessment of the Strategy-2050 is that it is a powerful large-scale document for the future. The president gave his view on what the country should strive for in the long-run,” Idrissov said.

“Kazakhstan has been maturating amid complicated conditions. The 1990s was a difficult period of the country’s establishment for various historical, economic and political reasons. Many people were skeptical about Kazakhstan’s future. Foreign analysts and observers believed that Kazakhstan would most probably not be growing a sovereign state, because the country had a demanding geopolitical surrounding, complicated ethnic composition of the population and backward economy,” the Minister stressed.

“That is when our idea of national identity, national sovereignty and statehood building was growing in the throes. Amid those complicated conditions everyone was surprised with courageous, assertive and very consistent approach of our president, and his ambitious look into the future expressed in the first large-scale Kazakhstan-2030 Strategy,” he continued.

According to Idrissov, this document rose “surprise, rejection and misunderstanding” among many skeptics back then. “But today it is obvious for everyone that out leader has a gift of political long-sightedness. I view the recent (State-of-the-Union) Address as the president’s very deep analysis of the first 15 years, the first half-term of implementation of the Strategy-2030, as well as a large-scale outlook. The main conclusion of this analysis is that 7 strategic directions we were supposed to concentrate our efforts on have proved themselves correct,” the Foreign Minister stressed.

According to the Minister, the main objectives of the Strategy-2030 will remain in force. Meanwhile, they will be consequently adapted to the current situation. “I suppose that the strategic insight into the perspective until 2050 is a call to the young generation of Kazakhstan residents to continue along the highway of our development focusing on establishment of self-sufficient, modern, secular and democratic state with stable institutions and a fine stock of economic welfare,” Idrissov said.

“I take the president’s message as a kind of a manifest to the new generation of Kazakhstan people instructing them not to lose the achievements of the older generation and to take Kazakhstan to prosperity through a more professional approach,” he said.

The Minister stressed that the President paid special attention to foreign policies with its main objective to “ensure good external conditions for successful solution of internal issues”. “All our efforts and tools on the external front are first of all aimed for solution of internal issues: development of the economy, creation of modern political institutions, enhancement of the civil society, modernization of the law-enforcement system, strengthening of the independent judicial system. I can witness that the leadership and gift of our president in forming up perspectives is synonymously acknowledged abroad. I have no doubts that there will be the same respective attitude to the new large-scale initiative that has raised our “strategic goal” to the year 2050,” he stated.

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