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Kazakh mayor accuses international media of 'promoting' homosexuality

26 august 2014, 20:51
© Tengrinews illustration
© Tengrinews illustration

Akim (Mayor) of Kazakhstan capital Astana has declared that same-sex relations are “promoted” by the international media as normal and called this "brainwashing" of Kazakhstani children, Tengrinews reports.

The statement was made during the annual August meeting that was held on Thursday last week in Astana. There, Akim Imangali Tasmagambetov spoke about the moral climate in which the children were growing and the importance of education for building a strong moral foundation for the young.

He then said that modern information technologies posed a certain danger to the human integrity, as they could be used to both form and destroy moral values, especially of the younger generation. And the media could be used for “brainwashing” and turning "false and unacceptable social vices” into a norm by way of psychological manipulation.

Tasmagambetov referred to the concept of Overton window to support his cause“American sociologist Joseph Overton created and described a technique by which society changes attitudes towards once completely forbidden questions. Overton proved that by using certain techniques during a period of time, one can manipulate the public opinion through the media and, imperceptibly to the society, turn a completely unacceptable phenomenon into an acceptable norm, even as far as consolidation (of these new normalities) into laws.”

He stressed that the Overton window described the mechanism by which promotion of vices and misanthropic ideas was masked as freedom of speech or national interests, and cited emergence of fascism, which “led to the war and concentration camps”, a clearcut example of such a process.

He continued by saying that the technique was now at work on a “planetary scale” in the case of same-sex relationships "that have been forbidden for centuries in the religious world”. 

“It has not just become a political norm in a range of developed countries, but the perception of the society has been distorted to such an extent that the US state of California approved a compulsory course on historical accomplishments of representatives of sexual minorities. I think you see for yourself how the topic is promoted in the international media. A reasonable question under the circumstances is what to expect next?” Tasmagambetov elaborated on the subject.

The Kazakh Akim claimed that the technique described by Overton moved "easiest in a society that does not have a moral compass, where moral values are tampered with false appeals of interested groups and where moral principles are blurred.”

“Morality encompasses ethical views and feelings, life orientations and principles that draw the line between good and evil, conscientiousness and dishonesty, honor and dishonor, justice and injustice," he said.

He finished this segment of his speech by stressing the importance of education for building the moral foundations of a society capable of resisting the 'gay propaganda'.

Reporting by Altynai Zhumzhumina, writing by Dinara Urazova, editing by Tatyana Kuzmina

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