Iran and 5+1 may hold bilateral meetings in Almaty

26 февраля 2013, 16:27
Iran might hold bilateral meetings with representatives of 5+1 international negotiators on the Iranian nuclear program in Almaty, RIA Novosti writes citing a source in the Iranian delegation.

"The parameters of the possible bilateral meetings with representatives of 5+1 are currently being coordinated. However they will most probably be held right after the beginning of the plenary meeting," the source said.

The fourth round of the talks of the 5+1 international negotiators (Russia, the U.S., the EU, China, France, Germany) on the Iranian nuclear program with representatives of Tehran have started in Kazakhstan's Almaty today, on February 26.

The 5+1 and IAEA are trying to convince Iran to halt enrichment of uranium that has been posing a potential threat to nuclear non-proliferation since 2003. Their negotiations stopped in 2009, when the IAEA Managing Council condemned Iran for unsanctioned construction of the second uranium enrichment plant.

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