India-Pakistan conflict will not hinder them from SCO

20 июня 2011, 11:05
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SCO member-states
SCO member-states
The conflict between India and Pakistan is not expected to become a barrier to either of the countries’ ascent into the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), RIA Nivosti reports.

“The conflict is a barrier, but India and Palistan have states their intents to join the SCO, respective memoranda were signed and the path to the membership became more pronounced. So we are not expecting this to be a problem," said a source in the Indian Government.

Last week the issue of India and Pakistan joining the SCO was discussed at the SCO summit in Kazakhstan. There one of the Russian representatives said that the territorial dispute of the two countries is the main barrier to their accession in to the SCO.

India and Pakistan has been bickering over Kashmir for many years already. Currently there are no official borders in Kashmir.

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