Experts forecast political elites change in Central Asia within 10 years

11 октября 2011, 15:23
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Experts are forecasting a change of political elites in Central Asian countries in the nearest 10 years, reports citing head of Department of Strategic Research of the Center of Military-Strategic Research, former deputy commander of rocket forces and artillery of Kazakhstan Armed Forces Rafik Tairov.

“Intensification of the local political battle will be seen in Central Asia in the nearest decade. An irrevocable change of political elites will occur in this period and the approach of the regime change will escalate the local political tensions and antagonism between different groups. The local instability in Central Asia will then cause weakening of national and regional security,” Tairov said at the round-table meeting called Terrorism in modern world: features, tendencies, countering methods.

“Unfortunately, there are no democratic institutions in Central Asia because of different historical and cultural reasons; much depends on the personalities of leaders of the countries. This means that democratic change of the countires' top leadership via national elections is still the most important form of expression of the people's rule,” the expert said. He also thinks that creation of reliable and effective security system should become one of the current priorities of the countries of the region.

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