Economic Eurasian Union bears no resemblance to USSR: President Nazarbayev

22 декабря 2014, 11:18
President Nazarbayev. Akorda ©
President Nazarbayev. Akorda ©

 The Eurasian Economic Union [of Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus] bears no resemblance to the USSR and poses no threat to Kazakhstan’s independence, Kazakhstan’s President Nursultan Nazarbayev said at the annual meeting with journalists at his Astana-based Akorda Residence December 21.

When asked what event was the most significant for Kazakhstan in 2014, President named signing of the agreement to launch the Eurasian Economic Union back in May. “The idea was put forward by me 20 years ago at the Moscow State University. Due to the current crisis the Eurasian Economic Union is being put at risks. There have been many rumors of Kazakhstan reportedly losing its independence, about the USSR allegedly being revived. Complete nonsense. Those willing to get the USSR revived are not in their right mind. We have gone a long way away from that”, he emphasized.

“There once was an ideology formulated by Marx and Lenin, but now it’s gone; there once was the Communist Party, which is also gone; there was a common economic entity, now it’s gone”, he said, adding that the today’s generations don’t need to [detailedly] know “who Marx and Lenin were”.

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