Cuba says talks with US on renewing mail 'fruitful'

20 июня 2013, 19:06
©REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
©REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton
Cuba described its dialogue with the United States on resuming postal service "fruitful" but warned there would likely be little progress if the US embargo on Cuba stays in place, AFP reports.

"The Cuban delegation welcomed the celebration of these talks and described as fruitful the exchange held between the officials of the postal administrations of Cuba and the United States," a statement released by the Cuban Interests Section in Washington said.

The State Department said Monday that officials from the United States and Cuba would meet this week to restore direct mail services frozen since 1963. The two Cold War enemies still do not have full diplomatic relations.

The United States called for the new talks but said they did not represent a change in US policy toward the Americas' only one-party Communist regime.

The State Department has not commented on the new round of discussions.

Cuba said however that progress toward "stable, quality and safe postal service" was unlikely "as long as the obstacles resulting from the blockade policy imposed by the United States Government against Cuba are not removed."

The United States imposed an economic embargo on Cuba in 1962 that prohibits US citizens from spending money in Cuba without special government authorization, a de facto travel ban for most Americans.

Mail is supposed to be sent via third countries.

President Barack Obama has eased some measures, including making it easier for Cuban-Americans to visit relatives on the island, and said he would be willing to go further if he sees evidence of political reform.

The two countries plan to hold a new round of talks on bilateral migration issues starting July 17, a US official said privately.

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