Capriles: Venezuela campaign a war of good vs evil

25 марта 2013, 10:11
Venezuelan opposition candidate Henrique Capriles raised the rhetorical stakes Sunday, casting his campaign against interim president Nicolas Maduro as a spiritual struggle of good versus evil, AFP reports.

Capriles, 40, is running against Maduro to succeed the late leftist firebrand Hugo Chavez in April 14 elections.

"I feel that this fight... has become a spiritual struggle of a divine character, because those who live in Venezuela feel that this has become a struggle to break down a wall of evil," Capriles said.

Referring to his opponent's camp, the Miranda state governor warned that "those who tell lies" and "use their power to blackmail or manipulate" the people "take the side of evil."

"Those who believe in the truth... are on the side of good, and are those who want to defeat evil," added Capriles, as he repeated his criticism of the ruling party for abusing state resources to campaign.

The youthful governor lost October elections to Chavez, who died March 5 after losing a fight to cancer.

Capriles, who toured of Venezuela's 23 states before to his campaign, also lashed out at the ruling party for using the image and legacy of Chavez to bolster Maduro, the 50-year-old handpicked successor of the "comandante."

Campaigning officially begins on April 2, but the candidates have already started courting votes in a highly confrontational pre-campaign filled with religious connotations.

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