British media did not apologize to Vinokourov

17 августа 2012, 11:51
Aleksandre Vinokourov. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Aleksandre Vinokourov. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
British media still has not apologized to Aleksandre Vinokourov for calling him a “Nowhere Man” after his victory in the race at London Olympics, reports citing Vice-President of the Cycling Federation Allen Chaizhunussov.

“Of course, the tabloids will not apologize. They were expecting to see Cavendish winning. The whole route was made for him, there were even some hills. But at the last 40km everyone expected all the cyclists to stay behind in one crowd and Cavendish to win the sprint part of the race. He almost promised to the Queen that he would bring the medal. And all these plans were ruined. While the newspapers had their expectations. Maybe they already even printed something and incurred losses. I haven't seen their article myself, but friends told me. They would have had the same reaction, if it was any other cyclist winning. However, they seemed not very familiar with this sport… Vinokourov has been in cycling for a long time. It is not as if I were a professional and came for the first time from somewhere like Venezuela… I don’t know, evidently they were upset,” the cyclist said.

A race dedicated to the Kazakhstan’s Olympic champion Aleksandre Vinokourov will be held in Europe this year. “The Criterium after Aleksandre Vinokourov will be held in Europe in October. It will be participated by professionals from the TOP-20 global rating. First of all, it will be friends and colleagues of Aleksander, as well as veterans of cycling,” Allen Chaizhunussov said.

He also stressed that presentation of Astana team will become the second reason for the race. “We will see Aleksandre from another perspective. I think that any international event held in our country is a contribution; it is a brick into the common foundation of the country’s development that Aleksandre Vinokourov added,” he said.

Earlier English reported that Alexandre Vinokourov claimed an unexpected but deserved win in the men's Olympic road race on July 28, wrecking Mark Cavendish's hopes of delivering the first gold of the Games for the hosts.

The stunning victory of Aleksandre Vinokourov at London Olympics-2012 caused a heated discussion in British and international tabloids, as well as among Internet users.

Vinokourov’s victory was a huge disappointment for British press and drove The Daily Mail so low as to insult him and Kazakhstan by calling Vinokourov "nobody" on its front cover. However, The Guardian defended Vinokourov stating that “Kazakhstan rider should be remembered as an exciting cyclist, who rode a good race at London 2012, and not a drugs cheat”.

Later someone made a fake page of Daily Mail and revenged for Vino. The page is called “How to Piss Off Snobby Brits” and states: “That awkward feeling when the country that you made the butt of your jokes is ahead of you in London Olympics”. It also shows the medal count of Day 5 of the Olympics, where Kazakhstan is ranked 8th with 3 gold medals and Great Britain is only on the 11th place with 2 gold medals.

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