Akhan Bizhanov elected as Senator from Almaty

19 августа 2011, 13:28
Akhan Bizhanov. Photo courtesy of kazpravda.kz
Akhan Bizhanov. Photo courtesy of kazpravda.kz
The majority of Almaty Maslikhat deputies voted for Akhan Bizhanov at the Senate elections, KazTAG reports.

“As a result of calculation of votes the election commission stated that 30 of 34 voters of Almaty Maslikhat voted for Bizhanov, 3 voted for Yerbulat Sadvakassov and 1 for Kozhakhmet Nazarbetov,” chairman of elections commission Adil Dzhunussov said. 34 of 37 deputies of Almaty Maslikhat took part in elections. According to international observer from Russia Konstantin Titov, “elections are held at high quality level and there are no violations.”

Three candidates were nominated from Almaty: Akhan Bizhanov from the city Maslikhat and two self-nominated candidates, Yerbulat Sadvakassov and Kozhakhmet Nazarbetov. Akhan Bizhanov, 62, has been a member of Kazakhstan Senate since 2005. He was chairman of the Setane Social-Cultural Development Commission. Earlier he served as deputy Akim (Mayor) of Almaty.

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