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Ablyazov is capable of most radical actions: Yertysbayev

03 мая 2012, 19:11
Advisor to Kazakhstan President Yermukhamet Yertysbayev. ©tengrinews.kz
Advisor to Kazakhstan President Yermukhamet Yertysbayev. ©tengrinews.kz
Adviser to Kazakhstan President Yermukhamet Yertysbayev called Kazakhstan law-enforcement authorities to stay alert while former chairman of BTA Bank Mukhtar Ablyazov, accused of fraud and siphoning off money, remains out of prison, Liter magazine writes.

“Ablyazov is capable of the most extreme actions and until the London court makes its ruling and while Ablyazov is out of prison, there are no doubts that he is capable of the most radical actions,” Yertysbayev said. He pointed out Ablyazov’s video message as an example. In the message Ablyazov calls the global community to abstain from rendering “any support to the occupational regime”. “That means that he thinks our country is occupied. And occupants have been fought at all times. Our law-enforcement authorities have to be alert,” the President’s Adviser said.

Yertysbayev also warned Kazakhstan residents of the potential danger. “The blast was organized in Dnepropetrovsk recently, people died. Can this happen in Kazakhstan? Anything can happen, while the state criminals are hiding abroad with lots of money,” he said. The Adviser noted that he had known Ablyazov in person since 1998. “I have to admit, that he is a very powerful, smart and energetic person, but he in some way reminds me of Conan Doyle’s professor Moriarty. All his energy and intellect were directed onto the dark side,” Yertysbayev said.

London’s High Court sentenced Ablyazov to 22 months in jail on February 16. Later the court ruled out to deprive him of the right to defend in court if he does not give in to the British court by March 9. However, as the appeal was filed one day prior to this deadline, the decision of depriving Ablyazov of the right to defend will not come into effect until the appeal is reviewed.

March 28 Kazakhstan National Security Commission averted terrorist attacks in Almaty. Ablyazov's wanted personal bodyguard of was preparing a blast. He may be sentenced to 10 years in prison.

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