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Yet another student jumps off roof in Almaty

17 june 2013, 17:27
Photo courtesy of VKontakte social network
Photo courtesy of VKontakte social network
A student of the 9th grade of Almaty school has jumped off the attic floor of a 5-storey building in Almaty, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Almaty Interior Department’s press-service.

According to Almaty Interior Department’s press-secretary Yermek Boltayev, the schoolgirl (born in 1997) was delivered to the emergency hospital at night of June 14 but died without regaining consciousness. Her parents said that the girl had a quarrel with her mother and went to the attic. A neighbor saw the girl there when smoking at his balcony.

During investigation of the case it was found that the girl had been strangely interested in the suicide subject during some: she was adding and reposing statements about death, murders and suicides on her wall in social networks. She was a member of a groups that was allegedly organized to help people get rid of thoughts about suicide. However, it seems just possible that the groups description was a cover for something absolutely different, as the community’s moderator -- a young lady -- had “Sometimes you want to die just to see what happens after” as title phase in her status.

The girl's page is now filled with the condolences. Her classmates and friends write that they cannot believe in what has happened.

This is not the first time when Internet communities have something to do with the jumpers. The first case was on May 28 when two teenagers jumped off a roof holding hands. They classmates secretly confessed that the couple was discussing and planning the suicide and was allegedly part of an internet community of young suiciders.

Such communities are not common for Kazakhstan, and the recent wave of roof-jumping suicides among teenaged is way out of ordinary as well.

Tengrinews.kz English has repeatedly reported about the strange wave of suicides distorting Kazakhstan. Most of the suicides were committed by young people, mostly high-school students. All of them were committed by jumping off high place. Some of the suicides were double suicides and involved couples holding hands during the jump.

The first double suicide of this series happened on May 28 when two teenagers jumped off a roof of a 12-storey building in Almaty. People who knew the jumpers said that they were planning the suicide and were part of an internet community of young suiciders.

A similar episode happened in the morning of June 11 in Temirtau town in Karaganda oblast when a couple jumped off a window of their fifth floor apartment. Later the same day a young married couple jumped off a fifth floor balcony of a multi-storey building in Aksu. The series continued on June 12 with a suicide of a 15-y.o. girl.

On June 7 a 19-y.o. student from Uralsk hung herself allegedly because of poor results of a university exams in the university. A young woman jumped off a window on the 5th floor after a fight with her husband in Taldykorgan on June 12. The next day a citizen of Ust-Kamenogorsk set himself on fire and jumped off a window of the 9th floor for unidentified reasons. On June 13 two young people attempted to jump off a roof of a 10-storey building in Pavlodar.

Some psychologists believe that a state of emergency should be declared in Kazakhstan over the recent surge of suicides in the country.

By Assemgul Kassenova

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