Nazarbayev's official biography published

08 августа 2012, 14:55
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Official biography of Kazakhstan’s First President Nursultan Nazarbayev has been published, Liter writes.

A group of researchers and historians led by professor Makhmut Kassymbekov, Doctor of Political Science, spent two years to studying archived documents and video materials to discover new facts in Nazarbayev’s biography. The book will be initially published in 20 thousand copies in Russian. Another 20 thousand will be published next year in Kazakh and 3-4 thousand copies - in the English and Turkish languages.

According to Kassymbekov, the new book is so special because it is the first experience of the official historical-biographical study of Nazarbayev’s life and activities. According to him, the work on this project involved a lot of intense research work, a lot of studying of archived documents available in the Central State Archive, President’s Archive, First President’s Museum, Presidential Administration, State Archive of Karaganda oblast, Karaganda city archive, Temirtau State Archive and the local history museum of Karasay region of Almaty oblast.

The biography includes a list of the official statuses, academic degrees and titles, honorary titles, awards, books, key articles and speeches of the President.

An amazing fact: Nursultan Nazarbayev worked as a security guard in a bank after failing his the entrance exams to a university. “While working on Nazarbayev’s biography, we studied they way biographies of Margaret Thatcher, Boris Yeltsin, Vladimir Putin and several Arab sheikhs were written. Our work contains close to no assumptions or our own judgements. It contains only facts and copies of archive documents. This give the readers an opportunity to make their own conclusions about the President’s life story,” Kassymbekov said.

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