Mother Teresa's close friend arrives in Kazakhstan

05 августа 2013, 17:49
Saran town. file photo
Saran town. file photo
A close friend of Mother Teresa and famous British ophthalmologist has arrived to Kazakhstan’s town of Saran in Karaganda oblast, Nasha Yarmarka writes. He is accompanied by famous doctors, artists, opera singers, businessmen and scientists: the total of around 300 people from Russia, Ukraine, England, America, Canada and other countries.

The purpose of the trip is to provide free medical consults to the people, repair different facilities in the town and perform educational activities with children. The volunteers have for many years been traveling around the world at their own expense to help people. They find each other on the Internet and once a year spend a week in a place where they believe their help is most needed.

The charity camp has arrived to Kazakhstan for the first time. Saran was selected not by a coincident. The organizers always try to find places were qualified medical aid is hard to find and sometimes even impossible. Besides, there are dozens of villages around Saran, where people need the consults.

The volunteers are improving kindergartens and dormitories, giving away food and clothes to low-income families, playing with children and rendering medical aid on August 1 to 9.

“We have found out beforehand which doctors are lacking in the villages,” the medical group led by Albina Galiulina from Tatarstan said. “We will send our volunteers over there. Some of them will be working in Saran continuously. Our team has different doctors: dentist, gastroenterologist, cardiologist, ENT, surgeon, oncologist, optometrist, orthopaedist, logopaedist, therapist, dermatologist, neuropathologist and others.”

“The doctors are working in a local clinic from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. The people will be able to communicate with the doctors through interpreters that every doctor will have. The citizens will be mainly getting aid in the form of medical consultations. Besides, optometrists are going to choose and give glasses free of charge. Local citizens will also be able to receive free medicines,” she said.

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