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Majority of polled Kazakhstan citizens want to work past retirement

13 ноября 2012, 10:32
The majority of polled Kazakhstan citizens are going to work past retirement age, Tengrinews.kz reports citing the survey made by HeadHunter.

71 percent of respondents plan to work after they retire if their health permits them to. 36 percent of those who want to work until retirement (and after if they can) are confident that it is impossible to live on pension payments. The older the respondents are, the more confident they are about it.

If 75 percent of the polled citizens had enough money to] secure their well-being, they are not planing to work after their retire at all. Only a quarter of the respondents plan to continued their careers. One third of those who plan to work until retirement age say that they like their jobs.

30 percent of respondents who are not planning to work until retirement named different to ensure their financial security: “Art”, “My business is my hobby and I don’t take it as a job”, “Dividends, a husband and renting out apartments”, “I am already receiving pension and it’s enough for me”. 29 percent of respondents not willing to work until retirement will live on dividends from stock and interest payments from bank deposits.

There are more young respondents who are not planning to work until retirement than then those with same intentions after the age of 30. 22 percent of respondents (aged up to 25) not willing to work until retirement are sure that they will work only until they are 30, while 42 percent think they will stop working at the age of 40. 43 percent of the polled young adults of the 26-30 y.o. age group are planning to work until they are 40.

Meanwhile, the majority of respondents of all age groups who are not willing to work until or past retirement replied that they have other more important life priorities. They include self-education, raising children, travel, etc. A fifth of the respondents over 45 replied that they were just lazy to work till they were old.

The research covered 4,356 Kazakhstan citizens registered on HeadHunter website. The poll was held on October 15-23, 2012.

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