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Majority of polled Kazakhstan citizens prefer to quench their thirst with tea

03 июля 2012, 12:02
Girl is pouring a tea. ©RIA Novosti
Girl is pouring a tea. ©RIA Novosti
A major part of the polled Kazakhstan citizens prefer to drink a warm tea in hot summer days (17.4%), Tengrinews.kz reports, referring to an opinion poll the the Institute of Political Solutions.

Water is in the second place (14.3%), different effervescent beverages were in the third place (12.5%). Ice tea followed these top-three favorite drinks with 11.6% residents preferring it.

Every tenth polled citizen (9.9%) drinks kvass (Russian traditional fermented beverage made from black or regular rye bread). 8.2% of the pollees are sure that beer is the most reliable beverage against thirst and heat. 7.7% of the respondents prefer kompot (non alcoholic clear juice obtained by cooking fruit, in a large volume of water) and fruit-drinks.

7.2% of polled residents like to spend hot days with a cup of kumis (Kazakh traditional fermented dairy product made of mare’s milk) or shubat (Kazakh traditional beverage made of fermented camel milk).

Natural juices (6.5%) and lemonade (4%) are the least popular drinks among Kazakhstan residents.

The remaining 0.7% prefer other kinds of beverages in hot days: ayran (a cold beverage of yogurt mixed with cold water and sometimes salt), milk, coffee and even tea fungus infusion. Several respondents have written that their favorite drink is home-made kozhe (Kazakh traditional beverage made of milk, yogurt, millet and water).

The sociologists have found out that Kazakhstan citizens’ preferences depend on the age of the respondent. 18-19-y.o. young people prefer effervescent beverages (29.5% of the young pollees have chosen this option). The people aged around 60 are not so addicted to such kind of beverages (only 2.8% of this age group representatives like carbonated drinks). The proportion of tea lovers is in the exact reverse: only 5.7% of 18-19-y.o. young people prefer tea and 32.9% of the 60+ age group like this hot drink.

The poll was conducted on June 8-13, 2012, in 16 Kazakhstan cities (14 regional centers plus Astana and Almaty cities.) The number of respondents made 2307 people.

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