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Half of Kazakhstan citizens consider themselves workaholics

30 июля 2012, 11:02
Office employees at their work places. ©RIA Novosti
Office employees at their work places. ©RIA Novosti
According to the poll conducted by HeadHunter recruitment agency’s research center, 47% of the polled Kazakhstan employees sees themselves as work addicts, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Interfax-Kazakhstan.

“54% of the respondents who consider themselves work addicts are sure that they have to work a lot in order to make their living. 17% of the respondents who consider themselves work addicts believe that they are workaholics because they think about the work regardless of the place where they are physically. 13% of the pollees considered themselves work addicts, because they haven’t been on vacation for more than one year. 6% of those who think they are workaholics are working 24-hour a day,” HeadHunter’s press-release reads.

27% of the respondents who are not work dorks are sure that they can clearly draw the line between work and other aspects of their life. Work is just a means of earnings their living for one quarter of the pollees. 13% said that they don’t overreach themselves and don’t do extra work.

Work is at the third place in the top-priority life values rating for Kazakhstan residents with family and personal life at the first and second places. However 12% of the respondents enjoy their professional career more than anything else. And 9% of the pollees were undecided whether work, family or personal life is the most important thing for them.

The poll has also showed that 15% of the respondents never work at week-ends. While 17% of pollees spend their week-end at their work places from time to time. “One fifth of the respondents said that they had worked only several week-ends since the beginning of the year,” the HeadHunter’s poll reads.

32% of those who took part in the research, work overtime at least one time a week. 20% of the pollees have stayed after 6 p.m. only several times since the beginning of the year and 7% have never worked overtime after their official working hours. “More than half of the pollees regularly (at least one time a week or even more often) think over their professional challenges when they are off-duty,” the press-release reads.

The poll was conducted on July 17-24, 2012 in 14 regional centers of Kazakhstan (largest cities) and also in the cities of Almaty and Astana. 4981 employed respondents took part in the poll.

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