Astana population reached 775 thousand people

21 июня 2012, 16:33
Astana population has reached and exceeded 775 thousand people, reports, citing National Healthcare Development Center’s press-office.

“According to Astana City Statistics Department, the population of the capital has increased by 12 426 citizens during the first four months of 2012. The number of women exceeds the number of men: there are 51.62% of women against 48.37% of men. 74.5% of the residents Astana are over 18 years old and the number of children makes slightly more than 22%,” the Center's officials reported.

The majority of the people – about 50% - live in Almaty District of Astana City. 39% of the citizens live in Saryarka District and 12.78% live in Yessil District (the new district of Astana city).

The Statistics Department said that maternal and infant mortality rate had decreased by more than 13% in the capital during the four months of 2012 in comparison with the same period of 2011.

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