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Almaty citizens wish to be gender equal more than other Kazakhstan residents

14 мая 2012, 12:44
Almaty citizens wish to be gender equal more than other Kazakhstan residents, Tengrinews.kz reports. Kazakhstan expert Daniya Altayeva said this in a discussion at the meeting at the Institute of Political Solutions.

More than 2300 respondents aged 18 - 60 took part in the poll conducted by the Institute of Political Solutions jointly with Al-Farabi Kazakh National University. 56% of respondents were married, 18% were in stable relationships, 11% lived with partners and 13% were between relationships.

The study shows that 53.6% of the respondents are sure that the man in the family should be the family’s breadwinner. 36.3% believe that the man in the family should be the leader, defender and protector of the family. Only 3.6% of the people think that the man in the family should do housework and bring up children. Altayeva adds that Almaty respondents wished to be gender equal more than other Kazakhstan residents (more than 50% of Almaty residents chose the gender equality option in the poll).

43.6% of the respondents believe that the man in the family should make all the key decisions. 29.5% are sure that the decisions should be made jointly in the family. 10.6% say that the family member who earns more money should be considered the head of the family. And only three percent of the pollees trust women with decision-making.

The majority of the respondents (40.5%) say that they achieve reconciliation after family conflicts through joint discussion of the reasons behind the quarrel. 21.1% prefer to wait for the conflict to sputter out. Only 0.7% of people approach family psychologists. Different financial and household issues usually cause the conflicts. Different vision of life, jealousy and partner’s bad habits are rare causes of conflicts.

As for men’s part in upbringing of children, the figures are as following: 70.4% of the pollees believe that fathers should be actively involved in every stage of children’s upbringing. 20.1% are sure that man’s participation should be quite limited, because their main tasks are making career and earning money for the family’s upkeep. 3.7% opt that mother’s upbringing is sufficient for children’s comprehensive development.

The majority of fathers (39.7%) communicate with their children by talking to them and discussing different things. 24.1% spend time with their children outdoors, 21.2% watch TV together. About 15% of the respondents play with their children, help them with their homework, instruct them and sometimes criticize them. 9.3% of the fathers read books with their children.

Daniya Altayeva added that modern women want to be successful not only in their families, but also in their offices. At the same time they want men to be more intelligent and more sensitive. Mayra Kabakova, Kazakh National University associate professor, adds that a mixed type of relationships when men are engaged in household activities more than women (for example they take paternity leave to look after their children) is becoming more common even in traditional Kazakh families.

The Public Opinion Center has also made a similar survey. According to the social poll of this poll with more than 3000 respondents, about 59% of the pollees say that their parents are good examples of successful family relationships for them. 11% say that their mother was an example to follow and only 1% percent mention their father as a role model.

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