Abstaining from holding pride parades is a matter of principle for Kazakhstan gays

24 января 2012, 16:05
Rainbow Flash campaign. Photo courtesy of sptimes.ru
Rainbow Flash campaign. Photo courtesy of sptimes.ru
Representatives of Kazakhstan’s LGBT community told Tengrinews.kz why they abstain from holding gay pride parades.

According to coordinator of the social projects of Community social fund Oleg Ivanov, such events as pride parades are called to demonstrate the society’s tolerance. “We (Kazakhstan residents) have nothing to be proud of,” the speaker said. According to Ivanov, the situation with the society’s tolerant attitude towards LGBT is different from the situation in Western countries.

However, representatives of sexual minorities hold an annual campaign called Rainbow Flash. Members of Kazakhstan LGBT community send colored balloons up in the air on May 17. This is the day when homosexuality was excluded from the International classification of diseases in 1990.

Representatives of Kazakhstan’s LGBT community are happy with Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's opening of the international fund with over $3 million and special office in the U.S. Department of State that will promote ovservance of rights of homosexuals around the world.

By Sabina Serikova

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