24-year-old gets into the Forbes’ list of 100 richest people in Kazakhstan

08 ноября 2013, 12:44
Marat Abiyev. Photo courtesy of diapazon.kz
Marat Abiyev. Photo courtesy of diapazon.kz
Marat Abiyev, a 24-year-old head of KSP Steel based in Aktobe, is set to get into the Kazakh Forbes’ list of 100 richest people. His net worth is estimated at $11 million, according to diapason.kz.

He is expected to be ranked 88th in the list to be shortly published. When asked why he applied to be included into the list, he said he had done that “to raise his credibility. Then I will no longer have to prove that I’d been able to earn millions by the age of 24. It took much effort”.

In an interview for diapason.kz Mr. Abiyev told he had made a fortune with no seed capital or mighty contacts to rely on. He discovered the entrepreneurial spirit at the age of 13 when trying to be part of a network marketing scheme. That undertaking brought him $5000 in over a year. Later he quit, believing network marketing is not for men.

He went on to start a computer maintenance business. At the age of 19 he became the first distributor of Russian-made GPS meters. “When I offered the service, I was looked at with lack of trust. People tend not to believe in 19-year-old company directors. Then I hired a 40-year-old lady to be a bogus director and pretended to be a junior manager”, the man recounts.

When his company boosted the sales multiple times he sold the business to a Russian company.
However, he earned the bulk of his money in Iran. He started with sending foodstuffs to this country and went on to buy a tanker and got engaged in oil shipments.

His book titled Kazakh Dream is expected to hit the shelves this coming December. The author tells how to become a successful businessman in Kazakhstan with no seed capital. “I want my readers to believe that it’s possible to earn relying only on one’s talent, hard work and purposefulness. I have broken many stereotypes. Rumor has it tenders are fixed in our country, that a serious business is only for mighty people from powerful clans; this might be true, but my team and me have broken these patterns”, he said.

Among other things, Mr. Abiyev heads the Kazakh Associations for Protection of Local Producers. An eligible bachelor, he lives in Aktobe.

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