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Stable tenge?

20 сентября 2011, 01:57

The Institute of Political Solutions made a mass survey in 16 largest cities of Kazakhstan: Astana, Almaty and 14 major cities of Kazakhstan’s oblasts. 2300 people spread out proportionally to the size of each city’s population were polled in August, 2011.


The National Currency Day ("Altyn Tenge") is going to be celebrated on December 7, 2011 to mark the 20th anniversary of Kazakhstan’s Independence.

The Institute of Political Solutions made the opinion poll to understand the citizens’ attitude to the national currency.

The survey showed that half of the residents of Kazakhstan’s large cities believe that Kazakh national currency tenge is stable. Residents of Astana, are the ones most convinced in the stability of the national currency: 61.1%.

Every fifth Kazakh citizen is optimistic enough to believe that tenge is going to become a regional currency in future and will also be used by other countries. The highest concentration of this opinion has been found in East Kazakhstan: 40%.

One third of the respondents (30.9%) say that tenge is not stable: 20.2% think that it is fully dependent from fluctuations of global commodities prices and 10.7% are expecting a devaluation of tenge to occur soon. This attitude is most widespread in Almaty, the former capital of Kazakhstan (79%). Almaty residents mention instability 2.6 more often than the countrywide average.

What is your attitude to the national currency?What is your attitude to the national currency by regions

© Institute of Political Solutions



After the USSR disintegrated Kazakhstan was one of the last countries to introduce a national currency:

-          in 1991 it created a special group of designers.

-          on November 12, 1993, a presidential decree introducing the tenge as the national currency  of Kazakhstan was issued.

-          on November 15, 1993, the tenge was brought into circulation.

-       in 1995 a tenge printing factory was opened in Kazakhstan (the first consignment of tenge was printed in the United Kingdom. The first coins were minted in Germany).

-          on March 20, 2007, the National Bank of Kazakhstan approved a graphical symbol for the tenge. 


Here is how the Kazakh tenge looks:  

Kazakh tenge look





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