A Hollywood romance story right in Almaty

28 июня 2011, 14:31

It was mid-summer and my friend Jack, who had broken up with his girlfriend a few weeks before, watched a stunning beauty walk past the Almaty park bench he was sitting on.

Jack, a good-looking, outgoing  American, usually has the confidence to approach a woman he’s interested in.

But this one gave him pause. She looked like a Bollywood star – with big round eyes, a long nose, slim figure and golden skin.

“I didn’t think I would have a chance with a girl that gorgeous,” he said – so he sat on the bench on Vinogradova Street near Dostyk Street watching her stride away.

That should have been the end of it, Jack said. But something inside told him he’d regret it if he didn’t try to meet her.

By the time he left the bench to pursue her, she was two blocks away, walking hurriedly up Dostyk toward the Hotel Kazakhstan as if she were intent on catching a bus that was due soon.   

Jack began walking fast to catch her, but she continued moving at such a brisk pace that he was unable to close the gap.

All the while he was thinking: “How do I approach her without a brush-off? What can I say to her?”

Then he spotted some babushkas selling flowers at the corner of Dostyk and Kabanbay Batyr Streets. He stopped to buy a bright red rose.

The flower vender took her sweet time in wrapping the rose in cellophane and giving Jack his change. He looked up Dostyk to see that the object of his affection was now more than three blocks away.

If she were heading for the bus stop across from the Hotel Kazakhstan, she would be there long before he could catch her, even if he ran. Jack groaned. What if she jumped into the first bus that arrived and he never saw her again?

It was time for extraordinary tactics. Jack flagged down a car heading up Dostyk.

“Kuda?” asked the Russian driver, who appeared to be a college boy. Where?

“Devushka,” Jack said, pointing to the woman.

The driver looked at the rose, thought this situation looked like fun, broke into a big grin, and hit the accelerator.

Jack had the boy drop him off 30 meters ahead of Miss Bollywood.

Her eyes became wide as she watched the big blond with the rose in his hand pop out of the car and head for her.

Jack didn’t know what to say. He simply thrust the rose in her hands.

After a moment he finally said the only thing he could think of. “Do you speak English?” he asked.

“Yes,” said the woman, who was so pleased that she broke into a radiant smile.

“I’m sorry to startle you,” Jack said. “I watched you go past me on Vinogradova, but you’re so beautiful that I thought I wouldn’t have a chance with you. When I decided to try my luck anyway, you were so far up the street that I decided I’d have to chase you down with a car.”

“What a wonderful story,” she said. “I’m flattered you’d go to so much trouble for me. Thank you very much.”

“It is kind of a scene from a Hollywood movie, isn’t it?” Jack said.

“Yes, very romantic,” she agreed.

It turned out that the woman, whose name was Ainur, was a 22-year-old Tajik newly arrived with her family in Kazakhstan. Some Tajiks look Asian, as a lot of Kazakhs do, but others look like they’re from the Indian subcontinent.

Jack and Ainur began dating – and the relationship sizzled.

All of us who knew them were dying to know the answer to the question: Would the end of their story be as Hollywood as the beginning? That is, would it end with them living happily ever after?

Like a good Hollywood script writer, I’m going to keep you in suspense for awhile, my friends. You’ll have to read my next blog to find the answer.

For the moment, all I’ll tell you is that the end of the story is as interesting as the beginning. So make sure you return to en.tengrinews.kz in a few days for the sequel.







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