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Poor is the sportsman who never dreams of an Olympic medal: Denis Ten

06 декабря 2013, 09:53

Famous Kazakhstan figure skater Denis Ten who won the silver medal at the World Championship is one of the biggest hopes of Kazakhstan at the Sochi Olympics 2014. The athlete told about the beginning of his season, his injuries and his victories in Austria and Italy in an interview to Vesti.kz.

Question: Denis, you wrote in social networks that you injured your back and ankles in the beginning of the season. Are you in good shape now? Have you recovered?

Answer: There is always a risk of injury in the professional sport. Most athletes have to face some kinds of injuries during their careers. I feel much better, and I can train and participate in championships. 

Denis Ten. ©AFP

Denis Ten. ©AFP

Q: In two weeks you won two tournaments in Austria and Italy, but still you missed the Grand-Prix. Why?

A: The athletes invited by the International Skating Union (ISU) participate in the Grand-Prix stages. They are selected based on their rankings and results at the previous championships. I have been receiving two invitations to the Grand-Prix every season (which is the maximum number of stages per one season) for four consecutive years. 

This year I was invited to participate in the first stage Skate America held in Detroit and the Cup of China held in Beijing. Unfortunately, I had to withdraw from the first stage of the Grand-Prix because of my health condition, but together with my coach we decided to go to China despite all the difficulties

It was a right decision, I successfully completed my task in Beijing, received experts’ reviews and started train in accordance with feedback that I got from them. I successfully put the fresh changes into practice during the tournaments in 
Italy and Austria that were judged by the official jury boards of the ISU. The progress is obvious. The results demonstrated in Austria would have got me the victory at the Grand-Prix in China and also at the stage held in Russia.

Denis Ten. ©Tengrinews.kz

Denis Ten. ©Tengrinews.kz

Q: The Sochi Olympics is the main event of the season for all the winter sports athletes. What goals are you setting for the Olympics?

A: It is hard to make forecasts in figure skating. The competition in this sport is so intense that any skaters in the world Top10 can become the Olympic winner. But as a saying goes "it's a poor soldier who never wants to become a general", and it's a poor sportsman who never dreams of an Olympic medal.

Q: Are you planning to take part in any big events before the Sochi Olympics?

A: I'm planning to participate in the World University Games in Italy on December 10-15.

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