Opinion leaders comment looming anti-gay law in Kazakhstan

04 октября 2013, 15:58

Prominent Kazakhstan figures have expressed their opinions about the law banning same-sex relations that is expected to be adopted in Kazakhstan shortly, Tengrinews reports. The anti-gay law was initiated by Bakhytbek Smagul, a member of the lower chamber of the Kazakhstan parliament, the Majilis.

Most of the MP’s colleagues supported the idea of preventing the LGBT movement from becoming widespread in Kazakhstan. However, some of them doubt whether legislative steps are required for that. “I don’t see any need for this. Thanks God, we are not like the countries where this is widely spread. But if my colleagues find it necessary and draft this law, I am ready to support it,” the leader of Ak Zhol party Azat Peruashev said.

Majilis Deputy Vladislav Kossarev believes that LGBT 'problem' in Kazakhstan should be resolved not through anti-gay laws but by the society itself. “The morals of the society should be fine-tuned in a way that it resets such trends. And we should not discuss this overly often, because the more often we mention it, the more people get used to the idea,” the MP said.

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Kazakhstan's Olympic champion Olga Shishigina is one of those who has a firm position on this matter. She believes that Kazakhstan needs the anti-gay law to stop copying the West: “People in our country shouldn't be thinking in a similar way. We have to root out the problem, so that it does not affect us later.”

Motor-Roller band frontman Ilyas Autov has an intransigent attitude to the issue: he opposed same sex relationships and even cited holy books of different religions that condemn same-sex relations as sinful to support his opinion. The musician also shared his personal observations that there are many enough homosexuals in Kazakhstan to call it a problem.

“Unfortunately, there are many of them, they just don’t show themselves. The deviations in the human psychic have always existed, but if we give them an inch, they will take a mile, the way it happened in Europe. We should definitely keep this issue within bounds. We should have some common sense and take care to control and suppress such things,” Autov said supportinп the anti-gay law.

However, not everyone supports the anti-gay law, there are some opponents among the Kazakhstan show business figures. Designer and fashion photographer Yan Ray tagged the law an infringement of human rights. “The politicians should better think about real problems in the country: crime, pedophilia and many other things that require the money and attention. They should have better initiated a law to support art, open fashion and design institutes,” Ray said.

There are many talented people with unusual mindset among representatives of the LGBT community, he added. “This is pushing the country forward. What is the problem here? They don’t kill anyone or harm nobody. Besides, this is not even their own choice, I think people are born like that. Are we going to start putting their parents to jail next?” Ray said.

Designer Nurlan Turekhanov drew a parallel between the sexual minorities and ethnic minorities. “This is hard to believe, but only several decades ago the respectable white ladies and gentlemen did not treat black people as people. They ate in separate restaurants, lived in different hotels and took different trains,” Turekhanov said. Back then the white vested on themselves the right to decided for the black, he added.

Turekhanov ironically called heterosexual people “perfect” humans who decide what to do with the sexual minorities. “We will write many laws, treat them like wolves. We will look daggers at them. We will change them,” Turekhanov said mockingly about the anti-gay law.

Another representative of Kazakhstan fashion industry Kamila Kurbani said that there are gays among her friends. “They are the same humans as we are. They are kind, friendly and absolutely harmless. That’s why I don’t support or oppose such relations,” Kurbani said.



The anti-gay law was earlier proposed by the Majilis deputy Aldan Smaiyl. He was talking about banning homosexuality 'propaganda' in Kazakhstan. The deputy was outraged with the spread of gay-clubs and improvised same-sex marriages in the country. His colleague Bakhytbek Smagul went further and suggested eradicating same-sex relations altogether.

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