Berezovskiy's crew best among Kazakhstan teams at stages 2 and 3

11 апреля 2013, 14:03

The Second Stage

Second stage of Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge-2013 was difficult for the Kazakhstan team consisting of 5 offroaders and 1 quad.

“This is a very difficult stage. I saw that several quads had withdrawn. Two bikes were laying on the ground. They were stuck in the sand. One of them was stuck for around 20 minutes. Thanks God, I managed to get to the steppe. I will have some rest and go back on the road,” Aleksander Linnik said at one of the check points.

Denis Berezovskiy and Aleksei Nikizhev, who finished the second stage at the 16th place, started the second stage at the 16th position. Zhanat Zhalimbetov and Marat Abykayev started 28th, while Kanat Shagirov and Aleksander Moroz were 30th. Two other Kazakhstan crews of Baurzhan Issabayev-Stanislav Podolyanyuk and Aidyn Rakhimbayev-Gabdulla Ashimov started the race 24th and 36th.

The crew of Denis Berezovskiy and Aleksei Nikizhev showed the best result among Kazakhstan teams.

Aleksei Nikizhev and Denis Berezovskiy.©

Aleksei Nikizhev and Denis Berezovskiy.©

The offroader of Aleksei Nikizhev and Denis Berezovskiy.©

The offroader of Aleksei Nikizhev and Denis Berezovskiy.©

The racers drove the 250km route in 5 hours 22 minutes and 48 seconds and finished the stage at the 14th place. Kanat Shagirov and Aleksander Moroz got to the finish 40 minutes later and were ranked 19th. The crews of Aidyn Rakhimbayev-Gabdulla Ashimov and Bauyrzhan Issabayev-Stanislav Podolyanuk were ranked 16th and 17th, correspondingly.©©

Nani Roma and Michel Perin won the stage. They are now leading in the general standing, while Berezovskiy and Nikizhev are ranked 12th, Shagirov and Moroz 17th, Issabayev-Podolyanyuk 18th and Rakhimbayev-Ashimov 19th.©©

“Today was a real sport day. We were just warming up yesterday plus the (first) stage was shortened. We drove 250km today. The last two sections of the sands were relatively difficult and located in the highest dunes of Liva. In general it was not bad. Our goal was to improve our standing by two lines and we managed to win four lines. The main thing now is to maintain the position. We lost a little time today, as the navigator had a high blood pressure and we had to stop several times to chill out. The car is in good shape, we are ready,” Berezovskiy said after the second stage.©©

He also named the targets for the remaining stages: “The goal is small: to move two lines up every day.”

“The day was interesting and the dunes were tough. Several cars withdrew. It was tough and hot. The dune slopes were long and we had to stay focused and be ready for surprises of the nature,” Aleksander Moroz said.

"The sands were of different shades today, from light to dark. We had to drive carefully to not get stuck in them. We got stuck three times. The last time was the longest: around 15 minutes. We changed a tire and were exhausted because of the heat. We also ran out of water in the middle of the stage. The sands will be even more difficult tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, but we are ready!” Kanat Shagirov added.©©

Aleksander Linnik on a quad finished the stage in the 42nd place. UAE racer Sam Sunderland finished first. “It is hot and tough. Local sportsmen dominate the race. The pump of my additional fuel tank broke down. I will have to refill manually if we fail to repair it. The section will be difficult, it will be 298km long,” Linnik said.

Kazakhstan racers Zhanat Zhalimbetov and Marat Abykayev had an accident during the second stage and had to withdraw from the race. Abykayev received a spine injury in the accident and was taken to a hospital on a helicopter.

Marat Abykayev (R).©

Marat Abykayev (R).©

Later the team-manager of Kazakhstan racers at Abu Dhabi Desert Challenge-2013 famous racer Arthur Ardavichus said that there was no threat to Marat Abykayev’s health.

“Shortly after the start, after about 1.5km, the crew of Zhanat Zhalimbetov-Marat Abykayev drove off the high point without lowering their speed. It was unnoticed and not mentioned in the roadbook,” Ardavichus said. “As a result, our navigator Marat Abykayev received a spine injury. He was delivered to the nearest hospital on a helicopter for diagnostics. He had to spend one day under close supervision of the doctors. There are no injuries that would threaten his life. He is joyful, just needs to lay down for a while. Withdrawal of our crew is, of course, a sad occasion but it makes others to stay more focused and think more,” he said. “It will be more difficult tomorrow and we have to be very careful.”

The offroader of Marat Abykayev and Zhanat Zhalimbetov.©

The offroader of Marat Abykayev and Zhanat Zhalimbetov.©

The third stage

Denis Berezovskiy and Aleksei Nikizhev were once again the best among Kazakhstan crews at the third stage. The team was also the leader in T2 class.

The crew of Off Road Kazakhstan team on Nissan Patrol covered the 284km distance in 5 hours 4 minutes and 21 seconds and was ranked 14th.

Kazakhstan crews at the bivouak.©

Kazakhstan crews at the bivouak.©

“The day was hot but we made it to the finish. The dunes were difficult and the sand became more granular because of the high temperature. It is +40 today compared to yesterday’s +34 and it is more difficult to drive. But we are at the finish and this is what matters,” Berezovskiy said after the race.

The racers of Mobilex Rally Team Kanat Shagirov and Aleksander Moroz were ranked 19th covering the stage in 5 hours 26 minutes and 59 seconds.

“We had a great pleasure today. The route was tough but we drove faster and better. And I think that we will drive better every day,” navigator Aleksander Moroz said.

“The sands were difficult, there were many sections with sand traps. But we made it good,” pilot Kanat Shagirov added.©©

Another Kazakhstan crew of Bauyrzhan Issabayev and Stanislav Podolyanyuk is ranked 21st (5:32:50).

The defending champion Jean-Louis Schlesser won the third stage. He is followed by Holowczyc Krystof and Nani Roma.

Roma still remains the leader in the general standing. He is followed by Brazilian Guilherme Spinelli and Schlesser.©©

Berezovskiy and Nikizhev lost one position in the general standing and were ranked 13th. Shagirov and Moroz went advanced to the 16th place, while Issabayev and Podolyanyuk were ranked 17th. The crew of Aidyn Rakhimbayev and Gabdulla Ashimov was ranked 27th.

The Kazakhstan racer driving the quad Aleksander Linnik could not finish the third stage. According to the rules, the sportsman is, however, allowed to continue the race.

Aleksander Linnik.©

Aleksander Linnik.©

“The start was very good and easy. I thought that I would drive through the stage with pleasure. It would have been very good. But the engine died at km 50 and it was impossible to restart it within 2 hours. I had to evacuate. But nothing is lost yet. It is allowed to skip one stage in this race and we start again tomorrow. We hope to drive well”, Linnik said.©©

Kazakhstan racer also told about the evacuation: “The organizers came to me and tried to start my quad and help me. But we didn’t manage to do it. Then they drove me back in their car. That was a peasant ride. When I got to the bivouac, I saw that mechanics were dealing with my quad. I hope everything will be fine.”©©©©©©©©

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