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World's wierdest offices

20 июля 2012, 11:22

Office is a sacred place for a person. It can be cursed or worshiped, hated or loved. We spend about the same amount of time in the office and in bed. Thus, the work place has to be viewed at least as the second home. That’s why it is no surprise when a company’s management tries to create comfortable working conditions. However, sometimes the employers overplay with the working area and the world gets to see unusual or breathtaking offices with weird interiors and strange rules.




Nude Office

Onebestway company decided to take the cheapest way around: instead of changing the office it chose to change its employees. Managers of the British firm suggested their office staff to have a “Nude Friday” every week. Every Friday the employees work absolutely nude, which helps them improve the teamwork., they say The personnel happily accepted the management’s suggestion. Despite of the global economic crisis, the company’s spirit has indeed improved.

Toy Racetrack Office

Invention Land company believe that its employees have to work fast and stay focused, just like the race car drivers. That’s why one of the company’s offices is located in the middle of a huge toy racetrack.

Stationery Office

What can be more common than stationery in an office? It turns out that stationery can be very unusual if used for decoration of an office space. All it takes is to enlarge them several times, like Radford Wallis has done to create its design of the office building of Giant Office Supplies in London.

Gingerbread House

Invention Land tries to please all of its personnel. While its men’s part works in the racetrack, a special gingerbread office was made for women. Everything is so girlish in this office!

Personal Space Office

Big offices with many people normally provide no personal space for its employees. But Paris office of Pons and Huot companies is different. All the employees have their own spheres that turn their work places into their small personal castles.

Pirate Ship

One of the offices of Invention Land looks like a pirate shop with a threateningly looking one-eyed captain at the wheel. The work places are located at the ship’s deck. Barrels with special tops are used as desks.

Post-Apocalypse Office

A new office of Swedish Internet-provider Bahnhof Office is located in a bomb shelter of the Cold War period. That’s why it is no wonder that its design looks very special: it is made to resemble the last shelter of human beings after a global catastrophe at the surface of the Earth.

Cave Office

Another office of Invention Land. It looks like a cave with work places in its cavities. The personnel also enjoy the waterfall behind them in their free minutes.

Interactive Office

Goethe Institutes’ office in Barcelona is not truly in the virtual space. It’s just that its reception looks like a place from the Web of Tron and Tron 2: Legacy movies. To make things look even more real the projectors make you sometimes feel as if the walls are moving.

Giraffe Office

Owners of Russian company TWIGA spent a long time in Tanzania and brought their love for giraffes back to Moscow with them (the word “twiga” means “giraffe” in Swahili). The office has 836 figurines and images of this beautiful animal.

Source: Adme.ru

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