Trying to give my friend Sam a second chance at love

07 февраля 2012, 17:00

It was an opportunity lost – or was it?

A few weeks ago my American friend Sam took his new lady Sabrina and two of her girlfriends to a movie at the Saryarka shopping center in Astana.

Sam is a tall, good-looking redhead. He been out  twice before with Sabrina, a tiny Tatar beauty with coal-black hair and deep blue eyes.

She was the one who had wanted to see the Russian-language movie and, though Sam’s Russian is spotty, he agreed -- to please her.

An indication of how pretty Sabrina is, is that a guy with more testosterone than brains dropped a note with his telephone number on her at the food-court table where Sam, Sabrina and her girlfriends were eating before the movie.

Sam was sitting right next to Sabrina at the time so, after leaving the note, the interloper raced off and down an escalator so fast that it looked as if he’d been shot out of a cannon.

A quick getaway was a good strategy, given that Sam was twice as big as the guy, and could have broken him in half.

Sabrina, who likes Sam a lot, did the right thing, glancing at the note only to see what it was, then leaving it on the table. Her girlfriends chuckled about the note dropper’s brassiness.

It was almost midnight when the movie ended.

As Sam’s entourage was walking past the restrooms, Sabrina and one of her friends said they would be right back.

Sam sat down on a padded bench with Sabrina’s other friend to wait.

That’s when the blonde walked in.

One of the most beautiful women Sam had seen in Kazakhstan, she had the exquisite face, height and thin figure of a model.

She, two women friends and three men were getting popcorn before heading for a wee-hours flick.

The other women also looked like models. The men were dark-haired with Caucasus features.

“The body language between the women and the men said to me that those guys were either employers or friends of the women and not their boyfriends,” Sam said.

While admiring the blonde’s beauty, Sam didn’t think about approaching her – until he got “the signal.”

The blonde suddenly looked directly at him, nudged her girlfriend to check Sam out, then whispered something to the girlfriend.

“If she wasn’t saying ‘Look at that good-looking foreigner,’ it was something like that,” said Sam, who is experienced enough to know.

And suddenly he had a dilemma. He wanted to meet the blonde, but didn’t want to hurt Sabrina’s feelings.

He liked Sabrina, but three dates with her had been enough for him to know there was no chemistry between them.  It was not be a relationship that would end in a scorching love story or marriage, he told me.

A voice inside him said: “Go introduce yourself to the blonde – and fast. You’ll lose your chance when her group heads for the theater.”

But Sabrina’s friend was sitting next to him on the padded bench, and Sam knew that if he approached the blonde, Sabrina would learn about it, and be hurt.

So he sat watching the blonde for a couple of minutes more, until her group scurried toward one of the multiplex theaters.

His heart dropped when he saw her disappear, he said.

Sam recounted his tale of woe over coffee the other day.

I was thinking as he was talking what a gentleman he is. Passing up what might have been the girl of his dreams to keep from hurting another woman was a sacrifice that many men wouldn’t make these days.

So I thought I’d try to help him.

I know it’s a long shot, but if you’re the blonde who was at the Saryarka movie complex around midnight one day late last year, drop me a line.

I’ll put you in touch with the red-headed American guy whose looks you apparently admired.

He’s a nice guy – and would be delighted to hear from you.

Who knows where a meeting with him might lead.

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