Gasoline crisis in Kazakhstan - opinion survey

31 октября 2011, 01:00

Rise of gasoline prices has become a tradition for the Kazakh market in recent years. During the first eight months of this year the prices grew 21%, according to the Statistics Agency of Kazakhstan. Rise of gasoline prices was one of the most widely publicized official explanations of the Ministry of Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan.


The Institute of Political Solutions made an opinion survey to find out what the population thinks about the gasoline crisis. The September 2011 poll covered 2300 residents of 16 largest cities of Kazakhstan. Respondents were asked for their opinion about reasons behind the prices rise.


Inefficiency of government regulators (Ministry of Oil and Gas, Antimonopoly Committee, etc.) is the most popular answer: 21.4% of the respondents.

They are closely followed by respondents who think that the shortages were a result of a conspiracy among suppliers and producers of petroleum products: 20.3%.

Third largest group of respondents thinks that the problems were caused by not properly thought through development policies of the oil processing industry in general: 15.3%.

Other three options are supported by around 10% of the respondents each: harvesting time is the annual problem that causes prices to spike (11.7%), Kazakhstan’s Customs Union membership lead to the gasoline problem (10.2%), Kazakhstan lacks sufficient oil processing capacities and is too dependent on imported high quality gasoline (9.3%).


Gasoline crisis survey


Western parts of Kazakhstan have the highest concentration of people who question efficiently of government regulators: 27.9% of the respondents who chose this option come from there.

Residents of two largest cities – Astana and Almaty – are leaders by the number of people thinking that policies of the oil processing industry in general are not prudent enough: 32.8% and 24.5%.

Residents of southern areas are the most prone to suspecting producers and suppliers of a conspiracy: 23.9%.

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