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Russian inventor offered a 'super bullet' to Kazakhstan

04 ноября 2012, 11:55
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Tengrinews.kz stock photo
Russian inventor Vassily Kacheyev offered Kazakhstan to put his 'super bullet' into service, Express K reports.

According to the inventor, his bullet shot from a common hunting rifle pierces the body armor that cannot be pierced by a common bullet released from a sniper rifle. Kacheyev has improved the bullet’s shape that has remained almost unchanged since 1881 and moved the bullet’s gravity center to the nozzle to achieve a greater dynamic stability of the bullet.

“The hunting version of the new bullet was fired at an armor element from a vest used by Russia’s Ministry of Internal Affairs forces. The new bullet pierced the plate that couldn’t be pierced by a bullet fired from Dragunov sniper rifle. For the hunting rifle we used a bullet with a propelling charge that was invented by Michael Kislin (patent of the Russian Federation №2102693). I covered the bullet with a layer of fluoroplast-4 using a patented technology (patent of the Russian Federation №2101385)”, Kacheyev said.

It looks like the 'super bullet' found no recognition in Russia, so the inventor turned to Kazakhstan authorities. He proposed to start international licensing of the technology in order to establish a worldwide monopoly.

After reviewing the invention Asset Issekeshev, Kazakhstan Minister of Industry and New Technologies, recommended the inventor to apply for an innovation grant in Kazakhstan.

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