Kazakhstan troopers finished 3-day field firing

16 января 2013, 16:01
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan air mobile forces
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan air mobile forces
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan air mobile forces
Photo courtesy of Kazakhstan air mobile forces
Kazakhstan troopers finished a three-day firing training, Tengrinews.kz reports, citing Kazakhstan Ministry’s of Defense press-service.

“The three-day firing training of assault battalions has finished in airmobile forces of Kazakhstan. The troopers were honing their skills at all training ranges,” the press-release reads.

According to the data of Kazakhstan Ministry of Defense about 27 training exercises, including 9 night exercises were held at Shoshkaly training range. The militarymen of №32363 military unit fulfilled the training mission using BTR-80 armored carriers. The personnel of №18404 military unit participated in the same exercises that were held at the base of Saryozek training center, and the troopers of №61993 unit were training at Iliysky range. Metropolitan troopers held 9 firing exercises, including 3 night exercises at Spassk training center.

“More than 145 small arms firing exercises, using RPG-7D paratrooper model, AGS-17 Plamya, NSVP-12.7 machine guns and BTR-80 armored carriers have been held at these days, including 36 night exercises. The troopers have made more than 46 training marches on armored vehicles, such as BTR-80, BRDM (a four wheeled amphibious vehicle), KAMAZ (wheeled armored vehicle), URAL (armored personnel carrier truck), Hummer (Light Armored Car) and MT-LB (amphibious armored tracked vehicle), including 20 night rides,” the Ministry’s officials said.

The Ministry’s of Defense press-service reported that the main goal of the January 2013 air assault troops trainings was high-quality organization and conduct of tactical maneuvers with firing exercises. One third of the exercises was held at night in order to improve the troopers’ endurance, strength dexterity. The included 5km marches with the weapon and other tasks.

By Baubek Konyrov

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