Russia and Kazakhstan to launch working group on new gas pipeline to China

27 августа 2014, 13:05
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Russia and Kazakhstan are launching a working group to decide on a new route for a gas pipeline towards China, reports, citing Kazakhstan’s First Vice Energy Minister Uzakbai Karabalin as saying.

“Head of State and the PM voiced the initiative to jointly construct a gas pipeline running across Kazakhstan. One gas pipeline from Russia to China is already in place, with another one being planned across the Altai mountains. The Kazakh side has suggested a pipeline across Kazakhstan, including via Astana, to Khorgos or Alashankow”, Mr. Karabalin said.

“The Russian side has shown a certain interest, and we are launching a joint group to meticulously study the possibilities”, he elaborated.

“As of today the project is just an idea of interest both to us and Russia (…) the deciding factor will be economic viability and China and Russia’s willingness to get the gas pipeline constructed”, he said, highlighting that in case Russia decides to get a pipeline constructed across the Altai mountains the suggested gas pipeline across Kazakhstan will not be cost-efficient.

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