Rating of expensive offices made in Kazakhstan

25 марта 2013, 17:13
Nurly Tau business center in Almaty. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Nurly Tau business center in Almaty. Photo by Yaroslav Radlovskiy©
Almaty is number one in the list of the cities with most expensive elite offices: one square meter costs 4,599 tenge ($31) there, Kapital.kz writes. The most expensive offices for core personnel are located in Kyzylorda oblast: they cost 2,985 tenge ($20) per square meter. Atyrau oblast leads in the low-budget category: renting an office costs 2,019 tenge ($13.5) per square meter here.

In average renting an A-class elite office costs 3,964 tenge ($26) in Kazakhstan. An average cost of B-class office rental stands at 2,630 tenge ($17.5) per square meter. Rental of low-budget offices costs 1,141 tenge ($7.6) per square meter.

Mangistau oblast is ranked second by the cost of A-class offices rental, which is 100 tenge ($1) less than in Almaty. Elite offices are much cheaper in Astana (3,605 tenge or $24), Kyzylorda oblast (3,207 tenge or $21.4) and Aktobe oblast (3,188 tenge or $21.2).

As for B-class offices rental, Mangistau oblast is not much cheaper than Kyzylorda oblast with 2,957 tenge ($19.7) per square meter. Almaty is ranked third (2,899 tenge or $19.3). It is followed by Atyrau oblast (2,727 tenge or $18.2) and Astana (2,697 tenge or $18).

Atyrau oblast boast the most expensive low-budget offices. Their cost is close B-class category in some of the other areas: renting a C-class office in Atyrau oblast costs 1,141 tenge ($7.6) per square meter, it is 1.5 times more expensive than the nationwide average. Low budget office prices in other regions are more or less at the average level. They stand at 1,294 tenge ($8.6) in Astana, 1,252 tenge ($8.3) in Almaty, 1,207 tenge ($8.05) in Mangistau oblast and 1,126 tenge ($7.5) in Kyzylorda oblast.

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