Petrol production in Kazakhstan grows 17% from January to June

16 июля 2014, 13:51
© Yaroslav Radlovsky
© Yaroslav Radlovsky

Petrol production in Kazakhstan grew by 17.4% from January to June 2014, reports, citing the country’s Ministry of Oil and Gas.

“For the period under review, production of petrol (including aviation fuel) made up 1.486 million tons, 17.4% up against the like period of 2013”, the Ministry posted on its website. Diesel fuel production for the period stood up at 2.377 million tons.

June 19 the country’s Oil Minister Uzakbai Karabalin assured journalists the country wasn’t going to face any petrol shortages. According to him, petrol reserves at the time stood at 200 000 tons.

In a separate statement, the Oil Ministry announced that oil production, including condensed gas, for the period totaled 39.723 million tons, 1.6% down as compared to the like period of 2013. The crude production figure made up 33.360 million tons (3% down), with condensed gas production standing at 6.363 million tons (7% up).
Natural gas production for the period made up 21 billion cubic meters (1% up).

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