No grain storage problems this year: Mamytbekov

14 ноября 2013, 02:23
©Marat Abilov
©Marat Abilov
Kazakhstan's Agriculture Minister Asylzhan Mamytbekov has assured that there would not be any problems with grain storage in Kazakhstan this year, Tengrinews reports.

"We don't expect any problems related to storage of the new harvest grain," Mamytbekov said at a government session.

He also pointed out the Kazakhstan's grain export was growing. "The analysis of the global market showed that the grain price situation is generally stable. Kazakhstan grain export is growing this season. 2.8 million tons of grain including flour in grain equivalent has been exported starting from July 1, and the dispatches since September 1 have made 1.8 million tons, which is a 21% increase compared to the same period of last marketing season," Asylzhan Mamytbekov said.

According to the Minister, nearly 1 million tons of grain and flour was exported in October, 2013, which is 62% more that in September of the current year and 44% more that in October last year. "The flour export grew 65% compared to September. The flour part in the export makes up to 40%," he said.

According to him, grain procurement for the Kazakhstan state reserves from the 2013 harvest will amount to 188.6 thousand tons, this is only to refresh the state food reserve. "The procurement price is 28 thousand tenge ($183) per ton for VAT payers," Minister added.

Mamytbekov pointed out that this year grain harvesting was held in complicated weather conditions. "The abundant rains, falling from mid-July, caused delays in ripening, layering, underwood and impurity of crops (...)," he reminded.

As of today, 20.8 million tons of grain in the initial weight has been threshed. The average productivity makes 13.3 centners per hectare (1,330 kg per hectare). "114.6 hectares of grains, including corn, remained to be harvested," the Minister said.

By Baubek Konyrov

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