Mutual trade between Kazakhstan and CU countries grows 7.7 percent

23 марта 2013, 14:01
Mutual trade of Kazakhstan with the Customs Union (CU) countries -- Russia and Belarus -- exceeded $1.6 billion in January, which is 7.7 percent higher than in the same period in 2012, reports citing Kazakhstan Statistics Agency.

Besides, the authority notes that mineral goods prevail in Kazakhstan’s export to the CU: it made 42.2 percent of the total volume of export to CU countries. Metals and metal goods made 24.3 percent and chemical goods made 14.5 percent of the total export to CU countries.

Mineral products largely dominate not only Kazakhstan's export to Russia and Belarus, but also its import.

“Mostly mineral goods (40 percent of the total volume of import from CU countries) are imported from Russia and Belarus, as well as cars and equipment (19.9 percent), metals and metal goods (11.3 percent) and chemicals (11.5 percent),” the Agency writes.

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