Kyrgyzstan owes Kazakhstan $31.2 million

08 мая 2012, 21:54
Kyrgyzstan’s debt to Kazakhstan for natural gas supplies has reached $31.2 million, according to KazTransGas (national gas shipping company) Director General Nurbol Sultan.

“As you know, KazTransGas has demanded to pay off the debt before May 1, 2012. As of today the debt stands at $31.2 million”, he informed May 8.

According to him, last week Kyrgyzgas sent a letter promising to pay off most of the debt by May 25.

“We have suggested a way to pay back through raising the tariff in a way enabling to pay off the debt within 5-7 years. There has been no answer yet”, Mr. Sultan said.

“The actual debt for gas supplies makes up $7.5 million plus $12.5 million injected by the Kazakh side into the KyrKazGas JV. The issue of indebtedness isn’t being resolved. We have turned to the Kyrgyz side repeatedly at different levels. One of the possible options is raising the tariff through inclusion the debt component”, Mr. Sultan said to a KazTag Agency reporter.

A respective suggestion has been forwarded by KazTransGas to the Kazakh Government for consideration.
“In our turn, we have notified the Kyrgyz side that in case the debt isn’t paid off, we will suspend gas supplies starting from May 1”, he said.

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