Kazakhstan to export 1 million tons of grain a month

27 сентября 2011, 18:26
Grain storage facility. ©RIA Novosti/Konstantin Chalabov
Grain storage facility. ©RIA Novosti/Konstantin Chalabov
Kazakhstan is planning to export million tons of grain a month, Tengrinews.kz reports citing Kazakhstan Minister of Agriculture Assylzhan Mamytbekov.

“The markets that are currently unattractive in terms of prices will open up for us soon and we are planning to export about 1 million tons of grain a month starting from October; the task has already been set for Kazakhstan Temir Zholy (national railroad company),” Mamytbekov said after the extended meeting in the Government today, September 27.

The meeting of Kazakhstan ministers was dedicated to harvest-2011. First Vice-PM Umirzak Shukeyev called to not panic about harvesting and preserving the grain.

“We don't need such panic and hysteria, as we have in media right now. Everything goes as planed, we are solving this issue. That's why I think that the Ministry has to give some explanations,” Shukeyev said during the meeting.

According to Mamytbekov, the government lowered railroad rates so that major exporters are able to transport the grain to external markets. “The price at the Black Sea port is $280-285. This is including the delivery. Minus the railroad costs and terminal services, it makes $130 without the government subsidies. If calculated with the subsidies, the price is about the same as the Food Corporation suggested: $170,” Agriculture Minister said.

Measures on promotion of Kazakhstan grain export taken by the Government will allow major producers to transport their grain independently, he said.

“Should the weather be good, we will need 10-14 more days,” Mamytbekov said about the harvest completion date. Harvesting rate is currently 3-4 percent a day.

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