Kazakhstan to assemble 60,000 cars this year, 50% up against 2013

06 февраля 2014, 13:40
Kazakhstan plans to assemble 60,000 cars this year, 50% up against 2013, Tengrinews reports citing Asset Issekeshev, the country’s Minister of Industry and New Technology, as saying February 6, 2014.

“The Ministry will be paying special attention to the car-making industry (…) to exceed the target of 60 000 cars”, he said when speaking at the extended sitting of the Ministry today.

The handouts distributed at the sitting state that Kazakhstan’s car assemblage figure in 2013 stood at 37 471, twofold up from 19 186 in 2012. Besides, car assembly facilities assembled a total of 992 buses, up from 205 in 2012.

Export revenues of the Kazakhstan’s car-making plants in 2014 is estimated at $220 million, according to Andrei Lavrentiyev, head of the Kazakhstan’s Association of Car-making Industry.

“This year will be a milestone with 11 000 cars totally worth $220 million being delivered to the other two Customs Union member states” [Russia and Belarus].

According to him, Kazakhstan-based car-assembling facilities have signed 4 contracts to export cars.
As shown in his presentation, in 2015 Kazakhstan plans to export 21 000 cars, bringing the figure up to 58 000 by 2016.

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