Kazakhstan prolonged Kyrgyzstan fuel export ban

15 февраля 2012, 18:26
Oil refinery. ©RIA Novosti
Oil refinery. ©RIA Novosti
Kazakhstan has prolonged a moratorium on fuel export to Kyrgyzstan for another year. The reason is that it needs to meet the needs of its own fuel market, Tengrinews.kz reports citing President of Kyrgyzstan Oil Traders Association Zhumakadyr Akeneyev as saying at the press-conference in Bishkek.

“All fuel is currently supplied from Russian refineries. Before, we used to receive fuel from Shymkent refinery. Last year we managed to get Kazakhstan to agree to make the supplies, but the quota was tiny - only 10 thousand tons. But we haven’t received even this amount so far,” Akeneyev said.

“Our association tried to strike an agreement with Kazakhstan's oil traders, but failed. This issue has to be solved on the government level,” he stated. Kazakhstan has introduced the ban on fuel export to Kyrgyzstan two years ago. Negotiations on the government level have not yielded any results so far.

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